If you think the point of college is social justice activism, you’re wasting time and money.

David Hookstead of the College Fix reports.

Marquette ‘students of color’ say they’re oppressed, demand ‘white privilege’ classes

Students allege they’re victims of ‘discriminatory violence’ from school’s historic seal and its lack of diversity classes

A lack of mandated diversity courses at Marquette University is an example of “discriminatory violence” so oppressive that four “students of color” blocked a busy campus intersection earlier this week in protest, prompting their arrest.

And that’s not the only example of the oppression alleged by the so-called “Ad Hoc Coalition of and for Students of Color” at Marquette, a 134-year-old Catholic Jesuit college in Milwaukee that costs undergrads $37,000 annually to attend.

The group of students is also upset over the university’s longtime seal, which includes an image of its namesake Rev. Jacques Marquette, the French-Jesuit missionary whose 17th-century travels helped map Milwaukee and the Midwest.

The seal includes a standing Marquette pointing in a canoe with an American Indian sitting and holding an oar, an image that appears to have been inspired by an old painting of the explorer. But the student coalition has decried the seal as a “biased and impartial narrative” and have demanded the image be cropped or altered.

Because, as far as the “Ad Hoc Coalition of and for Students of Color” is concerned, “discriminatory violence” is defined as “physical harassment, language, exclusion or imagery that targets an individual or group based upon their race, gender, sex, class, national or cultural identities,” the campus newspaper The Marquette Wire reports.

With that, the seal must fall under what the group contends is the “discriminatory violence-imagery” category.

They also want the university to set up a “bias incident report system” and a “training on how to end discriminatory violence in the classroom and in the campus community” for all employees, scholars and students, according to their demand list.

Not stopping there, their demands also include “the expansion of the core curriculum to include 2-3 more diversity and inclusion required courses that unambiguously address the realities of white privilege and oppression at Marquette, in Milwaukee, and in our nation.”