The Boston University professor embroiled in controversy over tweets where she referred to white men as a, “problem population,” was also accused of intentional insensitivity towards a student and rape victim.

Reason has the student’s side of the story:

Boston U. Prof ‘Absolutely Knew’ She Was Taunting a Rape Survivor, Survivor Alleges

Incoming Boston University Assistant Sociology Professor Saida Grundy has drawn condemnation for racially insensitive tweets—white males are a “problem population,” she wrote—and for derisively taunting a critic on Facebook. That critic, Meghan Chamberlin, self-identified as a survivor of rape during a Facebook argument over Patricia Arquette’s infamous Oscars speech, but Grundy mocked her anyway with lines like “go cry somewhere since that’s what u do,” and “#whitegirltears,” according to Fox News.

Grundy’s remarks were objectively nasty, but they were also grossly insensitive, given Chamberlin’s situation. Still, an important question remains: Did Grundy read what Chamberlin had written before she responded, or was the professor oblivious to the fact that she was mercilessly berating a survivor of rape? reporter Charlotte Wilder initially concluded—based on Chamberlin’s own statements—that Grundy probably didn’t know, before updating her post in light of an additional statement. The post was mildly critical of Fox News:

The woman Grundy is accused of trolling told Tuesday afternoon that she didn’t think Fox News got the story right. But she called back Tuesday evening, after speaking with a Fox News reporter, to say she did believe Grundy was aware that she had been raped when the professor argued with her online.