That’s a pretty serious financial hurdle to get over.

The News Herald reports.

Report: Ohio State’s largest college faces $10M budget gap

Spending cuts are expected next school year at Ohio State University’s largest college due to a projected $10 million budget gap, according to a newspaper report.

The College of Arts and Sciences plans to hire fewer graduate students and lecturers next year because of the shortfall, and other cost-cutting efforts have yet to be planned.

The Columbus Dispatch reports Monday that the college’s budget deficit for the coming school year amounts to about 3.75 percent of its annual budget. It follows a $4.6 million deficit that the school filled with cash savings last year. Spending has outpaced revenue each year since 2013, and its cash reserves are dwindling.

The college’s financial problems are separate from the university’s central budget.

Each college receives a slice of university revenue based on the number of credit hours students take in that school. Administrators then decide how to divide the money between departments.

The budget woes are causing tension between faculty members and the Arts and Science’s dean.

Leaders of 23 departments and centers in the college told the university provost in a letter this month that they are losing confidence in Dean David Manderscheid.

Among other issues, they wrote that “his erratic handling and communication of our recent financial challenges has exacerbated problems of confidence to the point that he has lost the respect and trust of faculty in leadership positions within the college.”