What an awful way to hog the spotlight from your fellow graduates.

Sara Bliss of Yahoo News reported. Note the choice of words.

Activist Emma Sulkowicz Carries Her Mattress to Columbia University Graduation

Student activist Emma Sulkowicz made headlines last fall, pledging to carry her mattress around Columbia University’s campus until the administration expelled her alleged rapist, Paul Nungesser. That didn’t happen.

Tuesday, both students were scheduled to graduate. So Sulkowicz, with the help of her friends, carried her mattress in the processional, continuing her protest. According to The Columbia Daily Spectator, the school’s administration emailed seniors on Monday saying, “Graduates should not bring into the ceremonial area large objects which could interfere with the proceedings or create discomfort to others in close, crowded spaces shared by thousands of people.” Sulkowicz disregarded this warning and brought her mattress on stage. According to a tweet from Teo Armus, the Deputy News Editor at the Columbia Spectator, “Emma Sulkowicz did not shake hands with President Lee Bollinger when she went on stage.”