Here’s an idea. If you don’t agree with Catholic doctrine, don’t go to a Catholic school.

Matt Lamb reports at the College Fix.

Feminists botch petition to get condoms on Catholic campus, blame government

Two stillborn attempts to seed DePaul with prophylactics

After having its bubble burst on an aborted condom initiative, a feminist group is severing ties with DePaul University’s student government.

It’s the second condom-related failure this year for the self-described “radical leftist, anti-racist” Feminist Front, which tried to win over the Catholic school by citing a condom maker’s “sexual health” survey.

The group decided to take its ball and go home after its referendum petition belatedly fell short of the 1,500-vote threshold to get on the ballot, owing to more than 200 “invalid” signatures, Feminist Front said in a Facebook post last week.

“This is disappointing for both us and the students of DePaul who showed significant interest in the referendum,” the group said.

It blamed the student government for the high bar for referendum petitions compared to the low bar – just 100 signatures – to run for office. Student government “is not an effective method to air grievances to the campus,” it said.

Feminist Front is pivoting to “campaigned [sic] based organizing,” and though it will “continue to take action on sexual health issues,” going forward it will focus more on “organizing actions that acknowledge the complexities of overlapping identities.”

Reaction to the news was mixed. Several comments to Feminist Front’s Facebook page criticized the Catholic school for its no-condom policy while a few said DePaul is simply following Catholic doctrine.