A military veteran reportedly removed an American flag from desecration and was subsequently questioned by police.

Jennifer Banks reports for Fox 5 News:

Valdosta State University releases statement on American flag dispute

VALDOSTA, Ga. – After many posts on social media and e-mails, FOX 5 News is looking into a viral video posted on YouTube on Saturday about a dispute over an American flag.

The dispute between protesters and military veteran, Michelle Manhart, 38, took place on the Valdosta State University campus on Friday.

FOX 5 reached out to the campus police department for the full report.

According to police, Manhart took an American flag from a group outside of the school. Manhart has told media outlets that she took the flag because it was on the ground, and protesters were walking on it.

Manhart was detained for questioning and later released because the victim in the incident, Eric Sheppard, 22, did not want to press charges.

FOX 5 received this statement from Statement from Valdosta State University:

“We respect the rights of people to peacefully assemble and voice their opinions. Our primary concern is the safety of our students, faculty and staff and our ability to carry out our responsibilities to all our students on campus. We are monitoring the situation.”

Statement from Dr. William McKinney, president of Valdosta State University:

“The American flag represents everything that is best about our country. As the Supreme Court has held, one of those things is the right to free speech, which includes the right to disrespect even the symbol of our country. While I firmly disagree with the actions of the protesters, I understand their right to protest.”