The College Fix reports there was applause at the end.

UMich screening of ‘American Sniper’ packs room, garners applause as credits roll

Movie screened under police presence, talks from campus ‘Bias Response Team’ officials

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – University of Michigan students thronged to the campus union on Friday night for the weekly UMix Late Night, which featured the anticipated and controversial screening of “American Sniper.”

The 150-seat multipurpose room was nearly packed to capacity, and during the movie, the atmosphere inside the room felt tense. One female student left the room in tears about five minutes after the film began. But the crowd launched into appreciative applause as the credits rolled. No protest of the film materialized Friday.

The screening had initially been canceled earlier this week by campus officials after some students complained the film was anti-Muslim. But it was ultimately rescheduled after a nationwide backlash.

With that, there was an unprecedented amount of controversy at the showing. Police cars were stationed outside the steps of the Michigan Union, lights flashing. Channel 7 News and Detroit News were present.

Members of the university’s “Bias Response Team” – a group of professional staff within Student Life that focuses on the response and management of bias incidents involving students – gave a talk before the movie began, asking students in the audience to “give respect and expect respect.”

Their comments echoed a mass email sent to the campus community by the Dean of Students Laura Jones earlier Friday stating that “all students are entitled to feel safe on our campus, including our Muslim or Middle Eastern and North African students.”