Clearly a terrible decision by students.

Campus Reform reports.

Reagan, Thatcher busts defaced at Chapman University

Students at Chapman University awoke Wednesday morning to find many of the statues around campus strewn with caution tape and defaced with accusations of “racism,” “homophobia,” and “neo-liberalist ideology.”

The statues, depicting historical figures such as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Ayn Rand, were also ornamented with posters reading off a list of “charges” for “student review.”

“Ronald Reagan is under student review due to Racism, Classism, and Homophobia,” read the poster underneath the bust of the 40th president.

The vandals also defaced a statue of Margaret Thatcher, filing the same charges against her.

The vandals also accused Christian theologian and medical missionary Albert Schweitzer of “Racism and White Savior Complex.”

Charges of “Global Violence and Imperialism” were brought against free-market economist Milton Friedman while objectivist thinker Ayn Rand was accused of “Gender Roles and Homophobia.”