I’m not sure I even know what ‘cultural competency training’ is but some students at Binghamton feel it’s a must.

Bethany Salgado of Campus Reform reports.

Binghamton students demand mandatory ‘cultural competency training’

Students for Change, an anti-discrimination group on Binghamton University’s campus, met with university President Harvey Stenger to address a list of 25 demands the group presented to Provost Donald Nieman in late December.

The group organized in response to the non-indictments of police officers who killed Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Its goals are to fight racism and promote a diverse campus community.

In the meeting, attendees argued that there was no urgency to consider Students for Change’s demands, which included: mandatory cultural competency training for students, faculty, and staff; a zero-tolerance policy with penalties such as suspension and expulsion for anyone who uses offensive language to discriminate against others on campus; police officers disclosing what weapons they have access to; and more minority representation in both the student body and in hired faculty and staff.

“The demands are mostly invalid,” a senior political science major named Joshua, who requested his last name not be revealed, told Campus Reform. “Some are actually very illegal and borderline fascist (censoring social media); some are redundant (demanding yet another diversity gen ed requirement, which they call “cultural competency” when we already have “pluralism” and “global interdepencies”); and others are just bizarre (requiring more Native American professors, specifically).