Students from Harvard who want to school to divest from fossil fuels staged a protest in which they blocked entrances to Massachusetts Hall.

Video and report via the Harvard Crimson.

Calling for Divestment, Protesters Blockade Mass. Hall

Members and supporters of the activist group Divest Harvard began a planned blockade of three entrances to Massachusetts Hall on Sunday and were still rallying outside the building in protest of Harvard’s investment in fossil fuel companies late that evening.

At least 150 protesters had gathered in front of Mass. Hall by 8:50 p.m. on Sunday for a round of addresses and chants in front of the main entrance to the building, which houses the offices of top Harvard officials including University President Drew G. Faust. Some protesters held a long banner with the words “Heat Week,” the name for Divest Harvard’s planned week of protests, and blue neon signs that read “Divest from fossil fuels.” Others, carrying large backpacks, provisions, and tents, settled down near the entrances and pulled out their laptops, preparing for a long stay.