Isn’t it amazing to learn that not all celebrities are progressive liberals?

Jennifer Kabbany of the College Fix reported.

Actor Vince Vaughn headlines libertarian college conference; touts liberty, privacy

LOS ANGELES – Actor Vince Vaughn headlined a Young Americans for Liberty conference at UCLA over the weekend, offering candid thoughts and words of encouragement to an excited audience of 250 or so college students who lead libertarian efforts at campuses across California.

“I think the message of individual liberty and peace is contagious,” Vaughn told the students Saturday, prompting applause and cheers.

Vaughn, a longtime Ron Paul supporter who has been vocal about his libertarian beliefs, made his comments in a Q&A-style appearance, also weighing in on topics such as Hollywood, Rand Paul, Edward Snowden, and libertarian tenets.

“Raise your kids to think for themselves and have respect for both their own individual thoughts and other individuals,” Vaughn, a father of two, said when asked about principles the movement should spread.

Although he did not specifically address political correctness on campuses, he alluded to it while addressing the topic in general.

“There is a challenge because you are up against such a system in place that kind of indoctrinates, if you will, that this is good and that is bad,” he said. “A lot of that to me is really laughable. If you can sit with someone individually and just point out how crazy some of these things are, right?”

“I feel bad for the kids who are going there, their parents are just kind of sending them there,” he added. “But I think a lot of kids also will kind of wake up at some point and say, ‘This feels a little suffocating, some of these ideas feel like it’s really being jammed down my throat,’ which is a good reason to kind of question it, right? Like, why is every week, you know, global warming week?”