Caleb Bonham of Campus Reform recently spoke with some students about their share of the national debt.

Take a look below.

VIDEO: Students shocked by their share of the national debt

Campus Reform hit the streets of Charleston, South Carolina, and plugged the birthdate of interviewees into the Senate Budget Committee’s lifetime share of the national debt calculator.

“Holy s**t,” one Millennial said when it was revealed that his liability surpassed $800,000. “The generation that’s in office right now isn’t thinking about the people that are up and coming.”

“That’s messed up man,” an older gentleman said when told that President Obama has increased the national debt over 70 percent, nearly $8 trillion, in the last six years.

“Tell Obama to get out of the White House,” a group of feisty ladies said after learning that every baby born today inherits an individualized lifetime debt-share in excess of $1.5 million.

The Republican Senate Budget Committee website highlights our country’s growing debt noting that “[t]he national debt represents both an immediate and a long-term threat to the United States’ status as the world’s premier economy.”

“But as dangerous as the debt is now, it is on track to grow twice as large as the nation’s entire economy by 2035.”