Can I just ask… What do Ferguson and Palestine even have to do with each other?

Nathan Rubbelke of the College Fix reports.

Student activists accuse Missouri museum of censoring Ferguson-Palestine event

You blindsided us with Palestine addition, museum counters

ST. LOUIS – An event billed as “an opportunity to learn about the parallels” between state violence in Ferguson and Palestine was cancelled by its host, the Missouri History Museum, after student organizers claimed the museum gave them an ultimatum to remove the event’s Palestinian speakers.

The museum shot back that organizers initially pitched the event without any mention of Palestine, and said it feared that its reputation would be harmed under the format the students wanted.

Scheduled for last Thursday, “Ferguson to Ayotzinapa to Palestine: Solidarity and Collaborative Action” was organized by a group of Washington University students known as AltaVoz.

The two-hour event, to be housed at the St. Louis museum, was scheduled to include panel and roundtable discussions with speakers from four local social justice organizations, which included the Saint Louis Palestinian Solidarity Committee.

Organizers and demonstrators took to the museum grounds Thursday evening in protest of the event’s cancellation.

Around 75 protesters gathered on the museum steps, Washington University’s Student Life reported, with many holding signs, some of which read “STL Jews stand with Palestine” and “They tried to bury us.” Protesters also took to Twitter, using the hashtag #SelectiveHistory.