We can’t let facts get in the way of a helpful political narrative, right?

From Ace of Spades.

Senator For Gurlz (TM) Kirsten Gillibrand: Don’t Blame The “Victim” Who Invented The UVA Gang-Rape Hoax Out of Whole Cloth Just To Get the Attention of a Boy She Had a Crush On

We need a National Conversation explaining how fake victims of hoax-rapes are just as much victims as victims of actual rape, I guess.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who is pushing for stronger laws against rapes on college campuses, today warned against people criticizing the woman at the center of a University of Virginia sexual assault case.

But Gillibrand said the ire over the case shouldn’t shift blame onto victims, who already have a hard time coming forward to authorities.

“Victim blaming or shining the spotlight on her for coming forward is not the right approach,” Gillibrand said on “The Capitol Pressroom,” a public radio show in Albany. “In fact, what we have to focus on is how do we keep these campuses safe? How do we have better trained personnel on campuses so they can tell a survivor what her options are and so they can have all the facts?”…

This is a major theme of the Feminist Cultists. Just yesterday Jessica Valenti claimed we shouldn’t engage in “victim blaming” here. Again, forgetting that “Jackie” is not a victim. She instead is a perpetrator, of spreading a vicious slander against complete strangers just to get A Boy’s Attention.

I can’t say she’s guilty of filing a false police complaint because she seems to have completely refused to discuss her Fake Gang Rape with the police.

Let me suggest the obvious here: Feminist Cultists like Gillibrand and Valenti may be speaking, ostensibly, about not blaming the “victim” “Jackie” here, but what they’re really most determined is that they themselves not be blamed for believing such a grotesque and stupid lie, nor of cursing those who (wisely) doubted it.