Here’s another one of those stories you won’t hear about in the MSM.

Greg Piper of the College Fix reported.

Anti-abortion activists attacked and threatened by mob at U. of Oregon

This Daily Emerald headline – “Protestors damage graphic anti-abortion sign” – really downplays what happened this week at the University of Oregon:

Several students surrounded three anti-abortion activists at the intersection of 13th Avenue and University Street on Tuesday before attempting to destroy a graphic poster one of the men was holding in protest.

University of Oregon Young Americans for Liberty President Thomas Tullis and Vice President Brandon Clements recorded the incident, where the activists displayed graphic depictions of aborted fetuses as they denounced abortion.

You’ll see a graphic photo of an aborted fetus in this video, so you can decide whether you want to watch, but this police officer apparently thought no one should be allowed to see it.

The confrontation between the students and the demonstrators begins about 14 minutes into the 19-minute video. After a student stood on and ripped an anti-abortion sign, a crowd of students surrounded the protestors, shouting at them and chanting “get off our campus.”

If you want an object lesson in the utter lunacy of student logic, check this out:

History major Allison Rutledge was the first to damage the anti-abortion activist’s poster. She stood on it and claimed that the activist didn’t have a right to display the graphic imagery. …

“I considered the sign obscene and offensive and intending to anger and start a scene,” Rutledge said when contacted for comment. “I didn’t want to look at that obscenity.”

She called the incident a tussle before saying that she felt emotionally threatened by the anti-abortion activist’s sign.

“There’s a limit to what people should be forced to look at,” Rutledge said. “We didn’t like it and we actually made him put his sign away. We had no problem with his opinion, but it was his sign.