So, half of the human beings on Earth are incapable of sexism? Good to know.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn of Campus Reform reported.

Female student: women can’t be sexist

Women cannot be sexist, a journalism student at Ohio University argued in a recent editorial.

In a guest column for the Post, OU’s student publication, Erin Davoran, a junior, claimed that she was approached by a man—who she called a “menist”— while tabling for the school’s Women’s Center who engaged her in a conversation about an experience he had in which a woman was sexist towards him in a job interview. Despite the interviewer telling the man that “all white men created poverty,” Davoran said women cannot be sexist towards men.

“Women cannot be sexist; the same way people of color cannot be racist,” Davoran wrote.

“Women can be prejudiced against men. But just as #notallmen are sexist, not all women are anti-man,” she continued. “There are many different discourses of feminism, and the majority believe in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.”

According to Davoran’s editorial, women cannot be sexist because that “describes a system of disadvantage based on race.” Citing the film Dear White People, she argued that in the same way, black people cannot be racist as black people “don’t stand to benefit from such a system.”

Davoran also detailed the events of the day on her public Twitter account. In a series of tweets she said the man came back to her table to ask her why there is “ Women of Appalachia” art hanging in OU’s Multicultural Center, but there isn’t any “Men of Appalachia.”

According to her, she began to tell him that “[s]exism describes a system…women can’t be sexist,” before he cut her off and walked away.