This should go over well.

Michael Stratford of Inside Higher reports.

‘Bill of Rights’ for Student Borrowers

The Obama administration will announce Tuesday that it plans to create a centralized complaint system for federal student loan borrowers as well as a single Web site where they can manage their loan payments.

In remarks at the Georgia Institute of Technology, President Obama will discuss what White House officials have dubbed a Student Aid Bill of Rights that includes a series of executive actions aimed at helping the growing share of Americans who owe student loans held by the federal government.

Obama will direct the U.S. Department of Education to create a new online feedback system by next July that allows students and borrowers to file complaints about federal student loan lenders, servicers, collection agencies and colleges and universities.
Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell told reporters Monday that students and borrowers would have the ability to track what is happening with the status of a complaint. He also said that the department would use aggregate data from the complaint system to judge the performance of its loan servicers, in addition to the current metrics it uses.

The department will also study how it should collect and resolve complaints it receives about colleges and universities, such as poor educational quality or misleading claims. Department officials will explore ways to improve how the department refers “possible violations of laws and regulations to other enforcement,” the White House said.