Do you enjoy watching Netflix movies in your dorm room?

Read this report from Zach Epstein at Yahoo News.

How the FCC’s great new net neutrality rules could ruin Netflix for you

You just can’t please everyone… The Federal Communications Commission issued its final net neutrality rules earlier this week, and some people still can’t believe that the Commission issued a proposal that is so consumer-friendly. Under FCC chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal, Internet service will be reclassified as a utility and prevent some of the biggest threats to the free Internet, including paid traffic prioritization, data blocking and bandwidth throttling.

Sure there may be a loophole or two, but nothing is perfect. The bottom line is that everyone stands to benefit from the FCC’s new net neutrality proposal — well, almost everyone.

More than 21 million students currently attend colleges and universities in America, and many of them soon may find it slightly more difficult to unwind with a little Netflix streaming in their dorms. As Forbes contributor George Anders points out in a recent column, the FCC’s new net neutrality rules will actually have a big pain point for students in dorms.

“If you’re working in a classroom, web traffic is more likely to be for homework, and more of our bandwidth should be used for that than for streaming media,” Anders quoted Saint Michael’s College’s computer science chair Greta Pangborn as having said. “In our dorms, the priority goes to streaming media, because the focus should be on entertainment in the dorms.”