In Aggieland, this is known as “good bull.”

Brian Perroni writes at 247Sports:

Aggie band steps in when Georgia’s can’t make it

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 5.09.23 PM

At this weekend’s SEC Women’s Basketball Tournament, the Texas A&M Hullabaloo band was in attendance to support the No. 5-seed Aggie team.

A&M fell to No. 4 seed LSU on Friday afternoon and, in the next game, Georgia was set to face off against No. 2 seed Tennessee. However, with all the snow and winter weather across the south this week, the Bulldog band was unable to make it to Little Rock for the tournament.

That’s when the Hullabaloo band from A&M decided to pitch in and help its conference rival. The Aggie band stuck around to play in support of the Bulldogs. Ole Miss did the same for Kentucky on Thursday.

The move from the Aggie band comes less than a week after the A&M equipment manager stepped in to help the Auburn men’s team sew uniform patches on their jerseys after the death of one of the Tigers’ fathers.