Couldn’t make it to CPAC or perhaps you just want to read a recap? Well, learn all about what occurred from the point of view of a young college conservative.

Elizabeth Marcello from The College Conservative reports.

CPAC 2015 According to a College Kid

Several of us from TheCollegeConservative have been lucky enough to cover CPAC 2015 onsite at National Harbor, Maryland, and the experience has been exhilarating. As a first-timer here, there has been a lot of activity to take in and process. A review of this year’s speakers is coming, and while I could write pages about the policy differences, crowd receptions, and selling points of each potential 2016 GOP candidate, I want to take the time to make some other important observations.

There are two types of people in attendance at CPAC 2015: those that are open to hearing from a variety of individuals, organizations, and viewpoints, and the hecklers. The hecklers make disgruntled noises upon the introduction of speakers they do not like, and make a point to shout out remarks during speeches. While I of course appreciate and vigorously defend the First Amendment and its right to free speech, for the sake of party unity, I am not impressed with these hecklers. Every day, I worry the 2016 election will be a repeat of both 2012 and 2008: the intra-party insults that flew unchecked destroyed the campaign and our chance to win over independents.

What is fortunate, however, is that these hecklers seem rather few in number. This may seem to be a petty point, but in an age of social media in which individuals can hurl insults over the internet instantly, it needs to be recognized that a majority of GOP supporters are people who know how to show respect and courtesy to others, like-minded or not.

Now we reach the critical part of this piece: a lightning round review of the CPAC speakers thus far.