Should we just pretend that type of crime doesn’t exist?

From the Daily Californian.

Graduate students voice concerns about professor’s comments on Black Lives Matter movement

Graduate students at the School of Social Welfare held a teach-in Tuesday to voice concerns about comments made by a professor in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement.

About 60 graduate students gathered in Haviland Hall to share their concerns with the professor, Steven Segal, and the dean of the School of Social Welfare, Jeffrey Edleson. Students expressed concern over comments they said Segal made during a Feb. 9 Black Lives Matter event, introducing the topic of black-on-black crime into a small group discussion.

The event was intended to be a community dialogue to help participants express their feelings about police force and share ideas on how social work could be accountable to the movement. Students at the School of Social Welfare have been organizing with the Black Lives Matter movement since late November, according to a student press release.

Several students said Segal brought up the subject the day after the event in his mental health and social policy class, reading aloud a rap with lyrics suggesting that the movement needed to stop scapegoating the police. The 26 students in the class, which is mandatory for students in the community mental health concentration, were mostly first-year graduate students.

“My first reaction was straight-up shock,” said Emily Myer, a white first-year student in the class and one of the organizers of the Black Lives Matter event. “That was followed by an acute awareness of rising anxiety and a desperate need for him to stop.”