This report from Donald R. May at Lobbock Online is rich with irony.

Global Warming Protest Cancelled at Yale Due to Cold Weather and Snow

A Global Warming protest was cancelled at Yale University because of the cold weather and snow. Such cancellations seem to be rather frequent, as the weather just does not seem to cooperate with the Global Warming promoters.

A small group of students with possibly too much time their on hands has been pushing Yale University to sell its investments in fossil fuel producing corporations. Other universities have encountered the same protests from small numbers of their students. It is still unclear how these students think harming the finances of their alma mater would be of any use in making the climate of Earth any more to their liking.

It is unclear why the students fear warmer weather. Humans have always done better when the climate switched to warmer ambient temperatures. During the Medieval Climate Optimum the Vikings were able to farm areas of Greenland that are now locked in permafrost. Europe experienced improved crops due to the warmer weather, which ushered in the Renaissance and later the Industrial Revolution.

Russian scientists are now predicting that a major Ice Age of several hundred years duration has now begun. Colder winters and later springs seem to support their prediction.