Read below to see a telling display of that “new tone” Democrats love to lecture the right about.

David Hookstead of the College Fix reports. Language warning.

Wisconsin College Republicans called ‘c*nts,’ ‘ignorant’ for defending Walker

A plea by College Republicans to keep an open mind about Gov. Walker and his budget plan elicits vulgar assault against them

MADISON, Wis. – “F*ck Scott Walker.”

“Listen you c*nts, don’t email me this political bullshit.”

“You must have a big hairy pair of brass balls and a marginally functional brain to  be recruiting for Republicans on the UW campus right now.”

Those are just a few of the vulgar, hate-filled responses the College Republicans at the University of Wisconsin-Madison received after sending a campuswide e-mail Monday asking students and scholars to keep an open mind about Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal.

Other responses included “f*ck you and the horse you rode in on” and “I get more reliable information from a bathroom wall on campus.” Additional replies accused Gov. Walker of wanting to eliminate intelligent people from Wisconsin, and suggested Republicans are “ignorant and hateful” people.

College Republicans sent out their message with the intent of engaging their peers across campus, and paid a $100 fee to send the blast e-mail, College Republicans chair Courtney Mullen told The College Fix. In total, there were roughly 200 responses, with almost all of them being incredibly negative, she said.

Some of the responses have been posted on the group’s Facebook page.

“Here are a few examples of the hateful and ignorant responses we received after sending out an all campus email yesterday about Governor Walker’s proposed reforms,” the group stated on their Facebook page. “Doesn’t really sound like the Wisconsin Idea to us. ‪#‎BadgersForTheBudget”

In a statement to The College Fix, Ryan Karow, treasurer of College Republicans, said that “so basically when we sent out the email, we knew that we would get a lot of backlash but we didn’t think the responses would escalate to such profanity and deep hatred.”

“Liberals always preach about how they are the party of acceptance and equality but this obviously isn’t the case,” he added. “They are so quick to defend the ‘Wisconsin Idea,’ but in reality don’t live it out.”