Perhaps his greatest achievements as Florida’s Governor were his educational reforms. Will those reforms help or hider his likely presidential run?

The Herald Tribune explores the possibilities:

Education could define Jeb Bush run

As Jeb Bush edges closer to a presidential run, no issue may better define him than his efforts to improve education in Florida and the nation.

To detractors, including the teachers’ unions, Bush undermined public education by promoting issues using vouchers to send students to private schools, expanding charter schools and emphasizing rigid testing and grading.

To supporters, he led an innovative reform effort that yielded a dramatic rise in student learning, including lifting the literacy rate of Florida’s fourth-graders to near the top in the nation. He was praised for his bold ideas, and for giving parents and students more “choice” in their educational opportunities.

Those ideas echoed through a 36-minute talk on Tuesday at an education summit, hosted by the Bush-created Foundation for Florida’s Future at Florida State University.

“I do come back regularly to tell my friends to be big and bold,” Bush said about his continuing role in education reforms since leaving the governor’s office in 2007.