In today’s edition of strange and bizarre headlines, we bring you this one from Raw Story.

Travis Gettys of Raw Story reports:

Neo-Nazis threaten Arizona State professor over ‘whiteness’ course after Fox News freakout

An Arizona State University professor has received death threats from white supremacists and neo-Nazis after a Fox News report about the class he teaches on “the problem of whiteness.”

Conservative bloggers have harshly criticized Lee Bebout, an associate professor of English, for the class on U.S. race theory — which was first publicized last month on the right-wing CampusReform website and then promoted by Fox & Friends host Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

Then came the white supremacists, who distributed leaflets in Bebout’s neighborhood that show his photo and label him as “anti-white,” reported the Phoenix New Times.

Bebout’s 400-level literature course, in which 18 students are enrolled, suggests that whiteness – in the context of slavery, genocide, and Jim Crow laws – might still influence American social and political life.

“In the books for this course – ‘Critical Race Theory,’ ‘Everyday Language of Racism,’ amongst others — all of the books have a disturbing trend, and that’s pointing to all white people as the root cause of social injustices for this country,” said CampusReform correspondent Lauren Clark on Fox News.

Many of the conservative websites that covered the issue linked to Bedout’s university contact information, and the newspaper reported that the professor had received numerous threats by phone and email.