This should help everyone find work after graduation, right?

Todd Tanner and Mark Green of FOX News 13 in Utah reported.

Upcoming ‘Sex Week’ at University of Utah sparks debate on campus

Does an upcoming event at the University of Utah encourage students to see each other as sex objects? One student groups feels that way, and they’ve asked the school to pull funding for “Sex Week.”

Sex Week is scheduled to get underway Monday at the U of U, and it will include a panel discussion about sexy communication, a film screening and a drawing for a year’s supply of birth control.

Natalie Green, President of Students for Choice, said, “ We promote education and awareness.”

Her group planned the university’s first ever Sex Week, and they patterned their event on similar events held at schools like Harvard.

“We promote healthy contraception, and so there will be condoms present,” Green said.

Panel discussions are planned, and so is a screening of the film “Obvious Child.”

“She chooses what’s best for her and her life at that moment, and it is to have an abortion,” Green said of the film.

FOX 13 News spoke with students about the upcoming Sex Week.

Student Parker Scott said he thinks the flier gives off a pro-sex vibe, which is something he said he is OK with.

“Yeah, I mean, obviously everyone in college, we’re over 18, we’re adults, we can make our own decisions,” he said.

Cedar Gonzales, another student, spoke to the educational value of Sex Week.

“We’re adults,” she said. “We need to be informed. We need to be smart about our decisions, and a lot of the time you don’t get that in high school.”