Probably not a bad idea, considering all the Measles case we’re hearing about lately.

Larry Gordon of the LA Times reports.

UC widens vaccination requirements for 2017

All UC students will have to be vaccinated against measles, meningitis, whooping cough and several other diseases or they will not be allowed to register for classes in fall 2017, university officials announced Friday. Those shots will be in addition to the current systemwide requirement for the hepatitis B vaccine.

The announcement has been in the works for years and was not triggered by the measles scare that has rattled the state, according to Gina Fleming, a high-ranking UC health official.

If anything, she said, it was pushed by the 2013 meningitis outbreak at UC Santa Barbara that sickened four students and led to the amputations of one student’s legs below the knees, she said.

Some of UC’s 10 campuses already have vaccination requirements that go beyond hepatitis B, but this new policy will make it clear far in advance that all 230,000 UC students need to be screened for tuberculosis and show proof of four vaccines: those for measles, mumps and rubella; chicken pox; meningococcus; and tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough.

For most students, that will mean simply showing their yellow card recording inoculations that go back to early childhood, but for some it will mean visits to their own doctor or to UC clinics, officials said.