If the Texas Tech College Republicans followed the left’s playbook, they’d just show up at Davis’ speech and shout her down.

Christopher Adams of FOX 34 reports.

Petition to remove Angela Davis from Tech speaker lineup

A lecture series, part of African-American History Month begins Thursday with a speech by author and broadcaster Tavis Smiley. But it’s the inclusion of another speaker, with a controversial past, that has some dismayed.

“Angela Davis, whether we like it or not, is a piece of American history,” said community advocate Brandale Randolph.

Davis is certainly a polarizing figure.

“I would rather hear from someone who has respect among the community,” said Carl Tepper, Chairman of the Lubbock County Republican Party.

Davis was a radical counter-culture activist during the civil rights movement. She ran for vice president, on the Communist Party ticket, in 1980, and again in 1984. She has since left the party.

Davis was also on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for a time, for connections to the kidnapping and murder of a judge in California. After a trial, she was set free.

“She wasn’t a crook or criminal,” said Billie Caviel, who plans to attend the lecture. “She didn’t do anything for her to go to prison. They sent her there, alright, but she wasn’t guilty under the charges they were trying to put on her.”

Texas Tech invited Davis to speak on the topic of mass incarceration in America and the call for prison reform. She’ll reportedly receive $12,000 for her time. Spokesman Chris Cook said it’s about bringing in speakers with varied and diverse backgrounds, but Davis’ background is a little too radical for some.

“Why wouldn’t we at every opportunity inject positive role models into our young people, rather than someone who’s so angry all the time and has nothing but consternation against the American Dream?” Tepper said.

Excluding Davis from the series would send a bad message, Randolph said.

“We have to stop this notion that there are African-Americans that are more worthy to speak on behalf of African-Americans that others, and that notion is a slippery slope because it can lead to the idea that there are voices that need to be muted,” Randolph said.

Texas Tech College Republicans have started a petition to remove Davis from the list of speakers.

“What concerns us is the fact that she was on the FBI’s most wanted and she’s a very radical communist, which is a view that doesn’t really resonate with anyone at Texas Tech,” said Rebeca Jurado, co-chair of the Tech College Republicans.