We have covered Professor Turley before but it is worth noting, as he does in the video below, that he is politically liberal and voted for Obama.

In his testimony for the Senate Judiciary Committee, he offered praise for Loretta Lynch but warned that if confirmed, she will be taking over for a department which has been corrupted.

While he is criticizing Eric Holder, he goes on to blame Obama and frankly suggests that through a concentration of power in the executive branch, Obama has violated what the framers intended.

Watch all of this:

Michael Morris of CNS News has more.

Liberal GW Professor: Obama Guilty of ‘Violations of His Oath of Office’

At the Attorney General Nomination Hearing for Loretta Lynch, George Washington University Law School professor and nationally recognized legal scholar Jonathan Turley, scathingly rebuked actions taken by President Obama and current Attorney General Eric Holder, saying that the “Justice Department is at the epicenter of a constitutional crisis.”…

“The Justice Department,” said Turley, “is at the epicenter of a constitutional crisis, a crisis that consumed her predecessor and his department.”

“My focus therefore, of my written testimony and my oral testimony today is less on Ms. Lynch, than on a department she wishes to lead,” said Turley. “As my academic writings indicate, I have been concerned about the erosion of the lines of separation of powers for many years, and particularly the erosion of legislative authority, of this body, and of the House of Representatives.”

“That concern has grown to alarm,” said Turley, “in the last few years under President Obama, someone that I voted for, someone with whom I happen to agree on many issues – including some of the issues involved in these controversies.”

“We are watching a fundamental change in our constitutional system,” said Turley. “It’s changing in the very way that the Framers warned us to avoid.”