Is this professor suggesting that Obama is somehow powerless? I think he would disagree.

Jennifer Kabbany of the College Fix reports.

Professor: ‘We may have a black president, but it’s white people running the show’

Three sociology professors have offered a spirited defense of Arizona State University’s controversial new “The Problem of Whiteness” course in interviews with The State Press campus newspaper.

Noel Cazenave, a sociology professor at the University of Connecticut, told the paper he has taught similar classes and that “I want people to realize in Arizona that it is OK to talk about whiteness as a problem.”

“Don’t play language games that keep people from using straightforward and honest language to talk about our very serious problems in this country, and white racism is a serious problem,” he added.

Joe Feagin, a sociology professor at Texas A&M, told the paper: “Our history is rooted in white supremacy. Eighty-three percent (of history) was ruled by slavery and Jim Crow. We’ve only theoretically been a free country since 1969, when the Civil Rights Act went into effect.”

And Charles Gallagher, a sociology professor at La Salle University, said that “we may have a black president, but this is a white nation. Look at Congress. Look at the halls of justice. Look at corporate America. It’s white people running the show.”