$1.315 billion? Pssh. Chump change, right? The Oregon Student Association seems to think so.

Alexandra Wallachy of the Daily Emerald Reports:

OSA to hold rally for investment in higher education from state legislature

Hey legislature, can you spare $1.315 billion? That’s the question that the Oregon Student Association will ask in Salem at its Feb. 12 rally to restore higher education.

OSA asks the state of Oregon to invest $755 million in universities and $560 million in community colleges, essentially freezing tuition so that it doesn’t rise significantly in the next two years. The universities and community colleges that make up OSA decided on the figure through a coalition.

“The students decided to have the rally on Feb. 12 to bring a lot of students to the capital and show our state officials that students care about the affordability of education,” Daniel McCall, OSA Communications director, said. The rally was picked for February to coincide with the beginning of the legislative session and ensure student participation.

Oregon has had a tuition freeze for in-state students the past two years that is coming to an end at the end of this academic year. Students like Tran Dinh will take their case for state investment in higher education to the capital steps.

Dinh, who currently serves as ASUO Vice President, plans to join in the chants and the sign holding with OSA on the 12th.