While schools like Texas A&M are willing to consider allowing permitted, concealed weapons on campus, Florida’s university system is none to thrilled with the prospect.

According to CBS Miami:

University System Takes Aim At Guns On Campus

TALLAHASSEE (NSF) – Florida’s university system wants state lawmakers to holster the idea of allowing guns on campus.

A joint statement from the university system’s Board of Governors, university police chiefs and the 12 public universities expresses opposition to a legislative proposal (SB 176 and HB 4005) that would allow people with concealed-firearms licenses to carry guns at state colleges and universities.
In the statement, the university system said “that removing that long-standing protection is contrary to the values we embrace and could create new challenges in our ability to provide a safe and secure learning environment.”

The university system statement, released Thursday, came after the 12 universities expressed opposition to the proposal.

“Florida has long recognized the importance of protecting its students and the environment in which they learn by prohibiting firearms in university facilities,” the statement reads. “The State University System of Florida is similarly committed to the safety and security of all students, which is why university law enforcement officers have received extensive training on how to minimize harm in crisis scenarios.”