Despite the fact that the UVA story has been debunked, some schools are acting like it really happened.

Blake Neff of the Daily Caller reported.

Columbia: Attend Rape Workshops, Or No Diploma

Columbia University may be compelling students in the next month to complete a sexual assault education program or else lose the ability to register for classes or even receive their diploma, according to the Columbia Spectator.

The initiative will reportedly be announced next week, but has been leaked by several of the school’s undergraduate residential advisers, who have already been briefed on the program.

Students will have a host of options for how to complete the requirement, including attending an hour-long workshop, watching and discussing a series of short films on the matter or even crafting works of art and poetry to engage with the topic. They will be expected to have complied with the school’s demand by March 13, just one month following its announcement.

The requirement is planned as the first of what could be several “community citizenship initiatives.”

Initially, it appears the university planned for the sexual assault education to be optional, though strongly encouraged, but this provoked oppositions from some of the RAs.

“Someone who doesn’t understand what rape is and thinks this is bullshit would most likely not participate—and those are the people that need to be reached,” one anonymous RA told the Spectator.

Those complaints appear to have made the university re-evaluate, and RAs who attended later briefings on the initiative say it is now being described as mandatory.