The students in Boston have even more reason to doubt “global warming” as a series of winter storms slam the area and impact campus life.

USA Today’s Dani Marrero files this report:

With sub-zero wind chills, minimal sidewalk space and more snow likely to come, Boston has been struggling to keep running. The record snowfall has forced the MBTA to shut down multiple times, leaving businesses and schools scrambling to make adjustments as the city became paralyzed.

For commuter students, this winter has made them question how much they can rely on Boston’s public transportation – also known as the T.

“One of the recurring issues that has been as of late has been delays of the [T],” says Bruce Boring, a Suffolk University commuter student . “All of the major bus lines were backed up, there was traffic down the main street that goes from Roslindale to the Forest Hills station. When I finally got to the station, I had to wait half an hour to catch a train.”

A typical commute time of 45 minutes turned into two and a half hours, which made Boring arrive 30 minutes late to his class in downtown Boston.

uffolk has canceled classes five times this semester due to inclement weather, which caused the university to have classes on President’s Day, a previously scheduled day off. The MBTA was running that Monday, although on a limited schedule.

Suffolk asked students to “plan accordingly,” Boring says, but with limited service on the T, his total commuting time is unpredictable.

“Planning accordingly doesn’t really work on uncertain circumstances with no way to predict the traffic conditions from all the snow on the streets and the snow removal going on,” Boring says. “Being able to arrive to class on time has been a major issue.”

Also in downtown, Emerson College — largely a commuter school — has been making accommodations as the snow has piled up to about five feet high in the Boston Common adjacent to its campus.

“One of my classes held a sort of Skype session where we all could video chat,” says Mal Meyer, an Emerson senior. “We met on the same day and at the same time that we were supposed to have class.”