More news with fraternities in trouble sparking protest. This time at Clemson University, the student protesters are now trying to have criminal charges put against members of a fraternity that held a “gang- and rapper-themed “Crip’mas” party”.

The attacks against fraternity life increase. Greg Piper from The College Fix reports.

Fraternities punish their own for boorish behavior, but activists want prosecution

It’s not a great time to be a leader in the national chapter of a fraternity. From “exaggerated” dildo-waving to ludicrous tales of gang rape by local chapters, frats have no shortage of outrages to answer for.

And many of them seem to be in the mood for kicking ass and taking names.

That’s not good enough for student protesters at Clemson University, who are demanding that the school bring criminal charges against a frat for a gang- and rapper-themed “Crip’mas” party, The State reports:

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity’s national chapter suspended all of its Clemson chapter’s activities indefinitely, and several of the Clemson frat’s leaders resigned after the December incident. …

But students Wednesday said the university hasn’t done enough to show it’s willing to change a culture that they say is hostile toward minorities.

The first grievance called [President Jim] Clements’ response to the “Cripmas” party “woefully inadequate and insecure.”

Students called for Clements to seek criminal prosecution for hateful speech or actions committed by members of the Clemson University community.

You see, Clements only took actions that don’t punish private organizations for their speech: forming a “diversity council,” holding monthly “diversity lunches” and starting a lecture series on “leadership and diversity.”

It’s not news by now that such demands invariably are paired with calls for more money for multicultural programs, diversity curricula and minority faculty. These might be fine ideas, but in response to Instagram photos from a boorish party?