Officers thought they were just investigating a low-level book store employee that was stealing. The case did not end there, but was traced to high-ranking officials of the college. Now the officers that discovered this are being threatened. The case does not end there though.

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Campus police allege theft cover up at Collin College

COLLIN COUNTY – Three campus police officers are suing Collin College, alleging the school is retaliating against them for revealing a theft scheme at the campus bookstore.

The suit was filed against the school formerly known as Collin County Community College in August, but their attorneys held a press conference at their offices Monday.

They say it all started last January, when the officers began investigating alleged theft involving a low-level bookstore employee, then discovered it was part of a complex scheme involving high-ranking college officials to steal over $1.5 million in taxpayer dollars and cover it up.

“It started with a low-level employee who was stealing textbooks,” said Victoria Neave, attorney for the officers. “Some of the higher ups were involved in a relationship with vendors, who were selling the books back, going back several years. There have been changes in spreadsheets, so they’re starting to hide the numbers.”

Attorneys wouldn’t elaborate much on the alleged scheme, citing an open investigation.

The officers say they were called off the investigation in March, and when they brought the information to the FBI, Collin County District Attorney’s Office, and Texas Rangers, they say the college began to retaliate, transferring an officer and changing another’s schedule.

Attorneys say one officer even got a death threat in the form of a letter delivered to his home that they believe to be related to this case.

But the college says it hired two independent firms to investigate as soon as the claims were brought to their attention, and both firms found no evidence of wrongdoing.