The protesters want ‘undocumented students’ to be able to enroll.

Lee Shearer of Online Athens reported.

Nine arrested during Freedom University sit-in protest on UGA campus

University of Georgia police arrested nine people Friday night after a protest about immigrant rights turned into a sit-in at the university’s Moore College, the building housing UGA’s elite Honors Program.

The nine were part of a group of about 50 people who were at the college protesting a University System of Georgia policy barring undocumented students from enrolling at the state’s most exclusive public universities, including UGA.

By Saturday morning, the nine arrested had bonded out of jail, according to information posted on the Facebook page of Freedom University, a school started by UGA faculty members and others. Theo’s arrested included four UGA students, one from Kennesaw State University and four from Freedom University, a school which began after the state Board of Regents voted in 2010 to bar undocumented students from the five Georgia universities with the most competitive admissions cutoffs. The Board of Regents is sets policy and budgets for UGA and other Georgia public colleges; its members are appointed by the governor of Georgia.