Much to the delight of left wing radicals everywhere.

Perry Chiaramonte of FOX News reported.

Michigan dubs birthplace of 1960’s radical movement official historical site

A Michigan union camp where 1960s radical students signed their manifesto will be recognized as an official historical site, in a development critics say lends unwarranted legitimacy to a movement that was linked to violence and anti-Americanism.

The “Port Huron Statement,” a 25,700-word document written by one-time University of Michigan student and future California lawmaker Tom Hayden, was signed at a United Auto Workers camp near Port Huron in 1962. But even though the mission statement for the left-wing group Students for a Democratic Society blasted the U.S. and helped spawn a sometimes violent student movement, state officials say it is part of history.

“Part of the job of the Michigan Historical Commission is not to provide monuments, but ways to tell stories about our state that are of significance and the marker at Port Huron falls under that,” Sandra Clarke, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Historical Commission, told “People seem to understand that’s the case and are okay with it.”

The Port Huron Statement called for total disarmament by the U.S., an end to racism and major reform of the Democratic Party. Hayden, who went on to marry actress Jane Fonda, was the president of Students for a Democratic Society.