Seems like a lucrative gig.

Jon Cassidy of Watchdog.Org reports:

Ex-UT Law dean’s credit card bill: $400k in four years

For years before a forgivable loan scandal forced him to resign as dean of the University of Texas Law School in 2011, Lawrence Sager was running up annual six-figure bills on a credit card paid for by the UT Law School Foundation.

From 2007 to 2010, Sager racked up $401,498.29 on that card, all of it paid by the foundation, apart from tens of thousands in other expenses for conferences, computers, club dues, food, travel, storage units and other items.

By comparison, when Bill Powers was dean of the law school, his credit card expenses were far lower — $6,209.15 in 2004 and $9,260.62 in 2005 — although strangely enough, the foundation continued to pay various bills for Powers into 2007, more than a year after he became president of the university.

In 2011, some members of the foundation’s board objected to Sager’s “excessive” expenditures and reined them in, according to a long-delayed report by the attorney general’s office released late Friday.

The report flatly contradicts an earlier internal investigation that attempted to absolve everyone at UT of any involvement in covering up an off-the-books compensation program at UT Law that violated system rules. The new report describes “a climate of non-disclosure” around the program.