Indoctrinating another generation of liberal journalists, one class at a time.

Red Alert Politics reported.

Columbia’s journalism school promotes workshop hosted by Bloomberg’s anti-gun group

Students at Columbia’s School of Journalism have been invited to participate in a two-day “workshop for journalists on covering guns and gun violence,” sponsored by none other than Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun Everytown for Gun Safety.

An advertisement for the workshop from Columbia’s Dart Center laments that gun violence is usually covered by local reporters alone and “too often viewed in isolation as random, inevitable tragedy rather than part of a wider phenomenon with complex causes but amenable to prevention efforts.” The workshop, it claims, will “Provide practical tools to enable journalists to successfully produce meaningful stories on guns and gun violence.”

We can only imagine what sorts of “practical tools” Everytown will provide—maybe some good old-fashioned false and misleading statistics?

S.E. Cupp penned a furious editorial over the workshop, writing that “Allowing Everytown to fund a course on gun education is like allowing Planned Parenthood to fund a course on abortion rights. No one should trust its capacity to objectively present all sides.”

The Dart Center has since reached out to her to do damage control. “The Dart Center alone will determine the content of our Arizona program. The funder of this workshop, Everytown, has no control on [sic] over the agenda, speakers or participants.”