Heaven forbid college students learn about freedom, or liberty, or democratic republics. The Chinese education minister issued an edict to protect communism.

According to Fox News:

China education minister says Western values must be excluded from higher education curriculum

BEIJING – China’s education minister has issued a stern warning against threats to communist ideological purity in higher education, saying Western values must never be permitted to infiltrate the classroom.

Yuan Guiren reiterated the need for strict ruling Communist Party control over education and said educators must ensure that teaching materials do not criticize the party’s leadership or the socialist system, the official Xinhua News Agency said in a report late Thursday.

Professors must “not complain, vent personal grievances or convey negative emotions to their students,” Xinhua quoted Yuan as saying. It said he demanded teachers maintain a firm bottom lines in politics, law and morality, but offered no specifics.

Yuan’s remarks at an academic conference on Thursday come amid tightening political restraints under party leader Xi Jinping, who has moved quickly to enforce communist orthodoxy since taking charge in 2013, despite maintaining the country’s economic openness.

An internal party document leaked in 2013 warned against Western values such as constitutionalism, respect for civil society and press freedom, and state media outlets have lashed out at professors who take critical stances.