The cheating took place in an ethics class. We covered the story last fall.

Matt Rocheleau of the Boston Globe reported.

64 Dartmouth College students face discipline over cheating

Up to 64 Dartmouth College students — including some athletes — could face suspension or other disciplinary action for cheating in an ethics class this past fall.

Dartmouth officials said students implicated in the cheating scandal misrepresented their attendance and participation in the undergraduate course, “Sports, Ethics & Religion.”

The class used electronic hand-held “clickers,” registered to individual students, to answer in-class questions. Officials at the Hanover, N.H., college said the students charged with cheating either gave their clickers to classmates instead of attending class themselves, or helped others cheat by using the clickers to answer questions on their behalf.

Some of the students have been found in violation of the school’s honor code and have been told they will be suspended for one term, a college official with knowledge of the proceedings said.

Administrators were alerted to the possible cheating after the professor, Randall Balmer, chairman of the religion department, noticed that the electronic system was receiving a significantly higher number of responses than the number of students he could see sitting in front of him in the lecture hall.

Balmer said the irony of the situation — alleged cheating in an ethics-related course — is inescapable, and he called the matter “very sad and regrettable on many levels.”

“A lot of the students will probably come away with a stain on their transcripts,” Balmer said by phone Thursday. “And, a level of trust that is so necessary for students and teachers has been betrayed, and I feel sad about that.”