This is one school that seems to understand the danger of the higher ed bubble.

Ernie Garcia of reports.

Westchester Community College tuition lawsuits soar

Westchester Community College’s crackdown on former students with unpaid debts hit 838 lawsuits as the year ends.

The taxpayer-funded college in Valhalla was the region’s most litigious school in 2014, filing its lawsuits in state Supreme Court between Jan. 1 and Dec. 29.

The 838 lawsuits WCC filed in 2014 reflected a huge increase in legal action. The college filed 35 lawsuits last year and 347 in 2012, legal records on the Westchester County Clerk’s website said.

The Journal News first reported on WCC’s lawsuit blitz in an October article. Patrick Hennessey, a WCC spokesman, said in October the increased legal action resulted from a new software system the school bought around four years ago that allowed better tracking of past-due tuition. Some of the 2014 lawsuits were for debts dating to 2010.

For the past five years, WCC had an annual average of 318 students who were past due.

Westchester Community College isn’t the only school that uses the courts to collect unpaid tuition. Many local colleges, parochial schools and universities also sue to recover student debt but none file lawsuits to the degree that WCC has.