The college’s president says they must be “open to all points of view”, soon after removing an anti-racist KKK statue from campus. Hypocrisy? I don’t know the meaning of the word!

Greg Piper at The College Fix has the story:

University of Iowa: We didn’t censor anti-racist statue, we protected ‘inclusiveness’

The University of Iowa’s president is defending the school’s removal of an anti-racist Ku Klux Klan statue – created by its own artist-in-residence – “in the best tradition of the ‘some of my best friends are…’ defense,” the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education says.

Without mentioning the KKK incident, which drew howls of protest from First Amendment groups, President Sally Mason told the community it could have its cake and eat it too:

We have much to be proud of here at the University of Iowa, including our cherished traditions of free speech and open dialogue, as well as our long history of being a welcoming campus. The university must foster an inclusive educational environment, one that is open to all points of view— and one in which people from all backgrounds are welcomed and respected.

Our history of inclusiveness and freedom of expression is rich and goes back to the founding of this remarkable institution. … While our history may provide us with a framework, we must continue to realize these intertwined values of inclusiveness and freedom of expression in our work together.