Fifty years ago this was obvious to anyone with a brain, but somehow we’ve so degraded as a society that “Porn Hurts Couples” is now an actual headline.

Tony Perkins of Accuracy in Academia has the story:

Study: Pornography hurts Couples and Relationships

There are certain givens in life, things we take for granted because they’re so obvious. In cultural terms, one of them is that pornography is a plague, a moral disease contributing with increasing tenacity to the erosion of our country. It’s destructive to the thousands participating in it and to the millions who view it. It can devastate marriages and destroy families. It devastates God’s vision for human sexuality and debases everyone involved in it.

FRC has been saying this for years. Several years ago, our distinguished social scientist Dr. Pat Fagan published extensive research showing that pornography is “a major threat to marriage, to family, to children and to individual happiness. In undermining marriage it is one of the factors in undermining social stability.”

And our friends at Morality in Media (MIM) regularly documents how pornography, like a cancer, is spreading throughout our society and that Christians must work actively to curtail it (FRC is a long-time member of MIM’s “Porn Harms” coalition, “the leading national organization opposing pornography and indecency through public education and the application of the law”).