What would you do to get a bunch of angry college kids to leave after they crashed a party at your house?

Dave Huber at The College Fix has the story:

Penn president joins students in Ferguson protest

University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann ended up joining student protesters in a “die-in” yesterday after they crashed a holiday party at her home.

The protesters carried signs which said “Black Lives Matter” and “No PILOTS, No Peace,” the latter a reference to demands that the college “donate” money to the cash-strapped Philadelphia School District.

Although President Gutmann participated in the “die-in,” she held firm on the money demands.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

“Students are trying to hold Penn accountable,” said Daniel Cooper Bermudez, 21, a senior political science major who lives in Philadelphia.

The party was scheduled for 6 to 7 p.m., and the protest began about 6:20, said Harry Cooperman, city news editor for the Daily Pennsylvanian, the campus newspaper.

Adrian Rios, 21, a senior international relations major from East Los Angeles, Calif., described the affair as “extravagant and disheartening,” with fake snow and “nonstop food.” He said about 50 protesters went to the party and were joined by about 50 attendees in the protest.