This is what happens when college students think activism is more important than their education.

NBC Washington reports.

Students Want Exam Delays Amid Brown, Garner Cases

Minority students at three prestigious law schools want to delay final exams because they’ve been busy protesting grand jury decisions in the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of white police officers in New York and Ferguson, Missouri.

Student groups at Harvard Law School, Georgetown University Law Center and Columbia Law School say protests over the Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases have prevented many students from preparing for exams.

University officials say students can petition administrators to have their exams rescheduled and the requests will be decided individually.

Harvard Law is holding a Wednesday forum on the Garner and Brown cases, in which grand juries decided not to indict the police officers in their deaths. A medical examiner says Garner died after a police chokehold. Brown was shot by an officer.