Harvard undergraduate Eldo Kim was responsible for school bomb threats last year that got him in lots of legal trouble.

Kim recently penned a letter of apology, which was published in The Harvard Crimson as part of the resolution of his pending criminal case.

When I started my sophomore year at Harvard, I was both excited and hopeful. I knew that I would eventually gripe and grumble over the hectic nights of studying and work. But I eagerly looked forward to spending time with my friends and pursuing my academic interests. I never would have imagined that, at the end of the semester, I would be seeing my face plastered across the front pages of the news.

In several weeks, it will have been a year since I emailed false bomb threats during my final exams. Looking back, I can only cringe at my sheer stupidity and immaturity. I do not wish to attempt to make any excuses for I have none or shy away from accepting full responsibility. What I do wish to do is apologize.

While my apology extends to all those who were negatively affected by my behavior, I would like to particularly apologize to the citizens of Cambridge, the community of Harvard and the first responders and law enforcement officials.

…I deeply regret my conduct and apologize profusely for the harm that I caused. I am truly appreciative of the support I have gotten from the Harvard community and am grateful to those that have helped resolve this in a way that leaves me a path to the life I want for my family and myself. I have learned many hard lessons over the past year – about remorse, gratitude, friendship, ambition, and second chances. I hope that my experience will be a cautionary tale for all. Looking towards the immediate future, I will have to face the consequences for my actions, including home confinement, community service, probation, restitution and a fine. Beyond that, I will continue to carry on the lessons I have learned about pressure, stress, perspective and selfishness. But perhaps most importantly, I will be committed to becoming a better person and a more selfless member of this community.