The seemingly nationwide campus demonstrations the began with protests about the Ferguson grand jury verdict are continuing unabated.

At the University of California – Berkeley, they are also becoming increasingly violent.

A minority of protesters shattered Civic Center windows, vandalized Berkeley storefronts and blocked an Oakland highway Sunday, on the second night of increasingly violent demonstrations over the recent deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police.

Demonstrators returned to Berkeley by 11 p.m. after stopping traffic on the 24 Freeway onramp in Oakland. Several cries of “peaceful protest” were ignored as protesters marched through the areas of Telegraph Avenue and Downtown Berkeley. Members of the crowd allegedly began shattering store windows near campus, including those of the Cal Student Store and CREAM, while many other protesters linked arms and stood in front of cracked windows in an attempt to prevent further damage.

The windows of cellular providers and some ATMs of several banks and cellular providers were also damaged as protesters continued down Bancroft Avenue toward Shattuck Avenue. As of 11:42 p.m., police formed a line at the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr. Way and Allston Way, soon after members of the crowd threw garbage bins into the streets and set them on fire.

At 12:23, about 200 protesters marched up Ashby Avenue towards Telegraph Avenue, after around ten people allegedly vandalized Walgreens, Berkeley Bowl and Any Mountain on Shattuck Avenue just south of Russell Avenue.

Around 12:30, protesters reached the intersection of Telegraph Avenue and Ashby Avenue, where about a dozen people broke into Whole Foods. Police arrived at the scene minutes later, causing many protesters to disperse.