A California women’s college is now admitting men…as long as they have been surgically altered and now identify as women.

And it seems to be part of the latest trend in college admission’s policies.

Scripps College in California has become the latest women’s college to make changes to their admissions policy, specifically regarding transgender students.

The liberal arts college announced Saturday that it has recently adopted policies explicitly allowing the admission of transgender women, or a transgender person who was assigned male at birth but has a female gender identity. This means the college will “admit applicants who are identified on their birth certificates as women, or who self-identify as women,” Inside Higher Ed reported.

The new policy “reiterates Scripps’ identity as a women’s college and commits to uphold its legacy as a ‘community of women’ for current and prospective students, graduates, and partners while recognizing gender as a social construct that has evolved over time,” school officials announced. “[Scripps College] is committed to an ongoing process of dialogue and education to build a more inclusive and unified community.”

Earlier this semester, more than 580 students — more than half of the 1,000-person student body — signed a petition in support of trans inclusivity at Scripps College.

The student petition wanted a policy which stated that cisgender women, transgender women, transgender men and other genders (non-binary, genderqueer) can apply for admission consideration regardless of factors including, but not limited to, legal status, medical history, gender pronouns used throughout academic recommendations and documents.’

The new policy will be effective for students applying for Fall 2016.